Monday, July 17, 2006

wanted: someone who won't leave me hanging

This post is an advertisement! Consider it a personal of sorts, except not a romantic one.

I need a rock climbing buddy. If you go to U of A and you want to climb the wall at the HPER with me a few days a week this semester, let me know! I really want to get into climbing, but the only hitch is that climbers have to provide their own belayers. Anyone up for it?! I'll belay you if you belay me. (Does that kinda sound dirty to anyone else?)

Anyway, I'd really like to climb this year, especially considering that we have a wonderful facility that I've used a grand total of one time. So, if anyone out there actually reads this and wants to climb, get back to me!

Monday, July 10, 2006

i've been sharing my shower...

...with this bug. Anybody know what it is? I know the picture is's the best I could do, given the circumstance. (Circumstance: It fell out of my towel just as I had dumped my head over to twist my hair up in it.)

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