Monday, March 27, 2006

the best movie fight scene of all time...

...and by best, I mean worst. A friend sent me the link a few minutes ago, and it is fantastic. We were trying to figure out how exactly the guy's eye gets ripped out, but who knows. Then we decided that we MUST find this movie, rent it, and watch the whole thing. The movie is called "Undefeatable," but it's not on Netflix! If anybody has any ideas on how I could procure this movie, please let me know.

Without further ado...

Friday, March 24, 2006

march madness

Even though I know very little about SEC basketball and absolutely nothing about basketball in all the other conferences, I decided to fill out a bracket this year. I started a pool on Facebook, which I named "I thought this was a swimming pool," half in an attempt to be funny and half in an attempt to let people know that I had no idea what I was doing. Although, I think my bracket speaks for itself concerning the latter attempt. Out of the 11 people who joined my pool, I'm guessed it...number 11. This could probably be attributed to the haphazard way in which I picked teams. Normally I'd pick the team with the prettiest colors, but with no colors to go on (and being too lazy to find them out for myself), I decided to go on location. I picked Pacific to make it all the way through the third round because I like the Pacific. I have no idea where Pacific the school is, but California is cool, and I've always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest. Thus I picked Pacific, and apparently they suck. Kansas was in my final four. I know Kansas isn't that fantastic of a state, but I've always heard Lawrence is cool--full of hippies and good music. Kansas lost in the first round. Duke lost to LSU recently, and of course I had Duke in my final four because North Carolina, though I've never been there, has got to be way cooler than dirty Louisiana.

Clearly, this method did not serve me well. Next year, if I fill out a bracket, I will probably go with coin-flipping. Heads, the higher seed wins; tails, the lower. I bet I'll win!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

signing my life away

Well, I registered for the LSAT yesterday. I'm taking it on Monday, June 12, at Georgia State University in Atlanta. I must be crazy to be considering even more school. If I go to law school, when I finish I'll have been in school for 9 years. Yeah, I'm definitely out of my mind. But there's something appealing about being in school. And there's definitely something appealing about a law degree. I definitely don't picture myself as a hot-shot attorney in a huge law firm, but how cool would it be to be a lawyer for the government? I wonder if the CIA needs attorneys. Finally, my Alias dreams are coming true! I also think it would be really cool to work for a non-profit group for a few years, or even to get into some kind of religion/law field. But I'm getting way ahead of myself. First, I need to make a good score on the LSAT. I have a little more than two months to study up...I'd better get started.

I bought the newest Jamie Cullum album today, and it's fantastic. Thanks, Ross, for suggesting I buy it. He covers a song called "Catch the Sun," a song by a band named Doves which I totally love. I haven't listened to the album all the way through yet, but I think I can safely say it was definitely worth the $15 I charged on my mom's credit card.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I just watched a new show on Fox called "Unanimous." In true Fox fashion, it's complete trash. But in true Leah fashion, I'm completely addicted to it already. Nine people locked in an underground bunker must decide who among them who should get the $1.5 million prize, but the decision has to be unanimous. Some of these people are complete crackpots, so I'm sure the decision will take forever. Also, these people have no contact with the outside world and no way to tell time. To me, that would be the worst part. If you were locked underground for 3 days, think of how much you'd miss!

time for a change

I ran into an old friend tonight who told me that he happened across my Xanga, and he was going to leave a comment to say hello until he discovered that only Xanga members can leave comments. This, combined with my growing tired of all things Ice Queen, is the reason that I've decided to move my blog.

So, bookmark the page, memorize the URL, or keep it permanently open in your browser--do whatever you have to do so you can stay up-to-date with my exciting, fanciful activities!