Sunday, March 11, 2007

birthday card

My grandparents are awesome and hilarious. Last year, they sent me a birthday card with two very hunky shirtless guys on the front. This year, my birthday card had just a flower on the front, but the greeting inside is hilarious:

Dear Granddaughter,
Granddad and I were in Hot Springs and thought of sending you money early. Then on second thought, we thought about celebrating your birthday by buying ourselves presents. We did and had fun for you. We are sending you what we had left. Enjoy a late birthday.
Grandlene and Granddad

I wish I could be retired hanging out in Hot Springs all the time! That would be the life. I wonder what my grandparents bought for themselves in my honor. Whatever it was, I'm glad they had $50 leftover to send to the destitute (me).


Angie said...

Awwwww...that's so cute! Maybe you should write them back a note of anger at their selfishness and lack of birthday spirit. That'll teach them for trying to be funny!

The coolest Angie ever. said... what happened to your new-found respect for you blog, since you found out there were hidden comments. I know I haven't been posting much either, but COME ON!!!

Angie, again said...

And you better not try to blame it on the comps--I know the truth!!!

One last time, Angie said...

That kind of makes is sound like "the truth" is some sort of juicy secret, like that you're really a man, and not in grad school at all! Okay, I'll stop commenting now.