Tuesday, February 06, 2007

car trouble

So, I'm trying to be a good Honda owner by taking my car in for every scheduled maintenance. I've never actually taken great care of any of my cars, and they always seem to break down, fall apart, or otherwise render themselves useless in some form or fashion. I'm hoping that by following the maintenance schedule religiously, it might actually save me money in the long run.

A few weeks ago, I took my car in for its scheduled 45,000 mile maintenance (even though the odometer read 50k, but better late than never). I asked them to check out the transmission because, as my dad so eloquently put it, "It's not shifting right." Turns out, the poor Honda needed a new transmission.

Luckily, my car is still under warranty because it was a certified pre-owned Honda! My warranty covered everything--even a rental car to drive while old Hank (that's Honda's name, tentatively) was in the shop. I was hoping for some fancy new Honda to drive around, but this is what they gave me instead:

Isn't it amazing?! I thought it was hilarious! And you know, at some point, you have to admit that a mini van is really the most efficient way to drive, especially if you want to have room for tons of stuff but still get decent gas mileage.

I could definitely see myself in a mini van someday--me, Angie, and our 43 cats.


Angie said...

Yay! The mini van fits perfectly into our plan. Old Hank reminds me of the children's books, Hank the Cowdog. Did you ever read those? Does your car remind you of a cowdog. If so, it's the perfect name!

P.S. I'm so happy you blogged.
Also, how do I get to Shannon's new blog again? I forgot.

Laura said...

I once got a mini van as a rental. But I wasn't nearly as excited as you are. :)

Abigail said...

Good words.